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Fire Cider Workshop with Andie The Kitchen Witch


Add a boost to your immune system before the cold weather hits with medicine that you can make YOURSELF! In this September workshop, you will craft a homemade Fire Cider with none other than local plant-medicine extraordinaire, Andie the Kitchen Witch!

Fire Cider is a popular, traditional herbal folk remedy that is known for its powerful healing properties and an effective remedy to relieve sinus congestion, ward off colds and flus, aid digestion, and increase circulation. Fire cider can be mixed with other beverages, used in many different cooking recipes, or even "sipped neat" all by itself! 

This Fire Cider workshop will provide a family of four a high-powered batch of immunity medicine for an entire year.

Workshop attendees will be asked to bring their own medium-large cutting board, their favorite heavy-duty chopping knife, and a cheese grater.

Materials include:

  • All the ingredients, including raw apple cider vinegar, lemons, spicy peppers, roots such as turmeric, horseradish, lemons, oranges, herbs like rosemary, garlic, peppercorns, etc. 
  • a quart-sized mason jar, lid, and label for each participant
  • a printed recipe/instruction card with historic/political info lore, facts, etc
  • guidance/assistance during the process

The Fire Cider will take up to 6 weeks to brew after the workshop, and at that time, Andie will follow up with you via email to teach you how to finish the process (straining, how to use, etc.).

Tickets for this workshop are $40, which includes the cost of materials and a hearty glass of wine.